How I Never Paid for a Textbook in College

Ladies, my fellow #babesofstem, for my third post of this back to school series, here’s how I never paid for textbooks my last two years of college. If you’re a student, you need this!
Tip 1: has been a lifesaver for pdf textbooks! These are great to have especially if you have an iPad pro to highlight and take notes on your screen. This has been my number one resource for free online textbooks.
Tip 2: Use your interlibrary loan system!! Also sometimes known as Illiad, but definitely check to see if your University uses another loan system. You can request textbooks and get them ordered from another school and check it out like you would a regular library book. The down side to this is you have to wait a few days to get the book and you have to stay on top of requesting an extension for the book's due date. This worked super well for books I couldn't find on library genesis (above) and I got a few $300 textbooks this way. For my broke self it was worth it to keep checking out the book than to spend the $300+ for the book. If the book wasn’t available on library genesis or there was a reason I needed to have the physical book, this worked 100% of the time.
Tip 3: (not free but another option if 1 and 2 don't work) Ask classmates or students from the previous year for the pdf or if they are selling their used books. You can sometimes get a good deal this way
Tip 4: Rent the book. Compare the price to rent before buying from any classmates to ensure the best deal. You can rent from Amazon, Chegg, your university bookstore, etc and you just return the book at the end of the semester. For online: as long as you have a box they provide the packing slip so you don’t have to pay to ship the book back. Also make sure you use the Amazon Prime 1-year student free trial to get free 2 day shipping!