How I Use Google Calendar and Why You Need It

THE Google calendar. My life line. My baby. My everything. Google Calendar is your best friend! I feel like everyone should be using this by now but if you’re not then this is for you. You’re welcome.

My calendar is up 24/7 and I have the app on my phone with alerts. I don’t even keep my calendar insanely organized by any means but it still helps me out a ton. Basically anything I have to do or any thoughts I have I put down in my calendar. If I have a dinner idea for the night- CALENDAR! It can get very jumbled at times tbh but it's the only way to successfully organize all my thoughts and tasks in one place. The phone app with notifications is a must! I do a reminder 30 mins before my tasks. When I was a full time student working a million part time jobs this saved me a ton when I would forget about the random work shifts I picked up.

Students: this is perfect to organize your class schedule and it gives you the option to set different days for a set amount of time (like MWF for a semester). It's also great because instead of depending on your syllabus or written planner for dates you can input all your exam dates into it way ahead of time and it just makes things a lot easier to see and read in advance. You also don't get the ugly cross out marks if the exam date changes and you have to move the event like you do in a written planner. You can also make multiple calendars and stack them so you can have separate calendars for classes, work, office hours, club meetings, or be crazy and stack it all like I do. ALSO, tip: be realistic with your calendar. Sometimes I would take things a little too far and after a 10 hour day schedule like 5 hours of study time immediately after... NOT realistic and it made me feel like crap when my notification popped up to study when I was eating a whole dominos pizza in bed watching Grey's Anatomy.... Breaks are okay and necessary!

Non-Students: If you’re in research and have to keep a log of your hours/activities this is great to input all the research activities you've done for the week. When I have free time at my desk I input the last few days of work into my calendar so when I have to log everything at the end of the month it’s all there ready to go! I also use this to track when my bills are due, when I’m getting paid, doctors appointments, etc.

Google calendar honestly took me a bit to get used to but after I forced myself to use it for like a week I was hooked and haven't looked back since. It’s also kind of therapeutic to input all your events and color code things and make it look cute. It's the little things you know.