Let's Talk Side Hustles

Former broke college student here to tell you about some side hustles you can do in school that will ACTUALLY make you money. I worked 3 sometimes 4 part time jobs in college so I was definitely always on my grind and am here to help.

First- look for a job on campus. These are going to be the most accommodating and understanding of your schedule. Email EVERY department at your university and I promise you will find out about some part time opportunities! Even if you don’t get awarded work study, some positions will allow you to be employed as a wage employee alongside the work study students.

That brings me to my next one.. If you don’t get work study, email financial aid at your university and ASK for it! Honestly the worst anyone can tell you is no. Tell them you’re a broke student and just need a work study position. The more people you talk to gives you a better chance of someone wanting to help you out!

Third- look around at nearby universities. My bf actually worked part time at my University and it's the same situation where they understand you’re a student with a busy schedule. Email their departments. Pull the broke student card. You got it!!

Fourth- ok this is if you have a car. My bf and I actually did UberEats delivery together when we needed to make bills. The good thing about this is the best hours to work are super late, so definitely not during class hours. That’s also the bad part about it... We would work Friday-Sunday but we made the most money during the late hours at like 2am. This worked for us because it worked with our schedules and it allowed us to spend time together and chill in the car and make money. It was honestly pretty fun especially if you have another person doing it with you. I think it might suck if you’re doing it alone but we made money so just be smart about it! This is not a long term job (in my opinion at least)!! You will put miles on your car. This was definitely like an ‘oh crap I’m $200 behind on rent this month’ kind of job for us.

Fifth- if you have a good eye for designer items head to your local goodwill and DIG for treasure. You can sell designer pieces on Poshmark or Facebook marketplace and make money off it. You should also do this with all the items you have sitting in your closet you haven't worn in months. You know that dress you HAD to have that still has the tag on it? That one. Guilty as charged. You can actually sell so many things online that you may think are worthless. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure amirightladies.

Sixth- this didn’t pay my bills but it provided some extra coffee money when needed but I did makeup for sorority formals and random on campus events and got paid. If you’re good at makeup or hair definitely put your name out there on your university’s Facebook page or in GroupMe!

Seventh- I’ve also heard of people doing the dog walking apps like Rover and making some extra cash. I’ve never personally done that so I can’t confirm if this is a good way to make money but I’d assume it’s not as fruitful as some of the other options mentioned above. Still doesn’t hurt to try.

Lastly, if all else fails and you’re truly struggling you can always email your financial aid department and ask for federal loans or an increase in your federal loans. There’s a good chance you can add to your loans no problem and it’s usually better to increase your federal loans than to take out private loans or a personal loan/credit card debt (not a financial expert just learning from experience)

And of course the last resort would be a private student loan. I don’t have experience with these but I have friends that do and it’s usually the same situation as federal loans where you defer them until you graduate but you’re likely paying a higher interest rate.

Final note: do not be ashamed to be a broke college student. You will graduate and get a great job and things will work out for you. It can be hard to see other students who don’t have to work or take out loans TRUST ME. Working and having to manage money truly built character for me and changed the way I view money now. It will never be easy (especially for my fellow low income first generation college student out there) but it will be worth it. AND don’t be afraid to treat yourself even if it’s a $1 large diet coke from McDonalds every Friday) Hope this helped those of you looking for some extra cash. Happy Back to School!